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Ecology Recycling is a recycling solutions provider with a team of environmental specialists and enthusiasts working together to help reduce carbon footprint and increase awareness in industrial and consumer waste segments.

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With a combined experience of over 20 years in the field of recycling, Ecology Recycling deals in Plastics, Paper, Metals, Used Clothing and Industrial / Consumer converted products. Our facility in Alabama is well-equipped to collect, bale, shred & grind materials, targeting  local industrial units and recycling centers. The group plans on multi-dimensional expansion within the recycling field and allied industries in the coming years using exceptional customer service for local businesses as well as providing a strong network of resources across the globe.

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At Ecology Recycling we are committed to providing most cost effective and economical waste diversion solutions to manufacturers, recyclers, commercial centers & municipalities across North America. Our experts conduct full on-site waste audits aiming to provide maximum value for the generated scrap by diverting to export markets and / for local processing in Alabama facility depending on the feed-stock and it’s location. We help to identify, strategize and recover difficult to recycle wastes by sharing market intelligence & devising efficient and innovative programs for waste-reduction and reuse.

Consulting & Brokerage

Our Consulting & Brokerage division focuses on trading of a wide array of products, within industries of Plastics, Paper, Metal & Clothing across North America and globally.


Our facility in Alabama is being setup for collecting, baling & grinding capabilities catering to the local manufacturers & recyclers with industrial & commercial waste to process under strict quality control and fulfilling raw material needs of pelletizers, compounders and product manufacturers

Marketing Converted Products

The marketing division of Ecology Recycling focuses on marketing of products which are recovered, processed & transformed from Waste, and put back on the shelf for commercial or consumer end-use. Current projects of Waste-End Use include marketing of;

- Spill Control Products for Oil, Hazmat and absorbent applications in the form of Pads, Rolls & Socks. 

- Repair/Repack/Shelf Post Industrial Adult Diaper Bales/Stock-lots for the secondary markets.

Adult Diapers
Boxed Adult Diapers
ABS Regrind

Medical Supplies & Equipments

We live and breathe the healthcare market. We work with you as a partner in this ever-changing field to incorporate appropriate, cost-effective solutions that will help Canadians live longer and healthier lives. Some of the products we supply are medical face masks, gloves, surgical gowns and thermometers.

Medical Equipments
Surgical Gowns
Face Masks
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Get in touch with us to learn more about our recycling services and facilities.

Ecology Recycling & Consulting

95 Hedgedale Rd,

Brampton, ON L6T 5P3, Canada 

        +1 647-478-3854

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